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Ad Blockers : a disturbing phenomenon

A changing market

For several years, the number of online advertising has exploded. The user sees on the pages he consults many ads and is followed by many cookies. This greatly impedes navigation, reading the page, not to mention the slowdown created especially when the content consists of a banner or a video. « Internet advertising is disturbing 8 out of 10 people » according to a survey conducted by the Express. They consider it ubiquitous, too visible, aggressive and unattractive. To deal with this, more and more people are turning to ad blockers. They hide all or part of the advertising content on the active page. This system is perfectly legal and can be downloaded very easily in a few clicks.

How many users have these tools ?

Advertising is present on all surfaces (computers, tablets, smartphones…). So, ad blockers are available on all surfaces. It is difficult to obtain precise figures because of the variety of software used. The number of Internet users using this device is estimated at at least 30% in France and up to 90% in some Asian countries. The market leader, the Danish “Ad Block Plus” already claims more than 600 million downloads, and this is not the only offer on the market. We can say that a very large number of users use ad blockers.

What losses does that represent for advertisers ?

Advertisers are the first victims of the use of those ad blockers. When a site serves advertising content, it can not know if people have really seen that content. If a user uses an ad blocker and views a page, it will be counted as having seen the ad content. Thus, the advertiser does not know the real scope of his campaign because the traffic of broadcasters (websites or blogs) is distorted. Advertisers pay for a campaign with a quantitative goal set in advance and will pay accordingly, while the actual reach will be halved.

What solutions are possible ?

The French State or the European Commission can take the problem head on and set up an authority to regulate the online advertising sector. This solution is not yet developed, but many market players have already indicated that they are in favor of such a project.

However, Blockchain technology is used to authenticate traffic by operating in a decentralized manner. Advertisers can know the real scope of their campaign while paying the right price.


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