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Advertz : an innovative rewards system for users

Advertz presentation

Advertz is an advertising platform combined with a social shopping network, which brings both the offer and the advertising demand into a one-to-one relationship. For data, we operate in a decentralized manner using Blockchain technology to authenticate web traffic and reward our user members. Personal data of users are totally protected thanks to their anonymisation by the Blockchain.

Online Advertising : users are fed up

Users, browsing the internet, see many ads. There is a saturation of the screen. According to the very serious research firm Red Crow Marketing, users are exposed to an average of 7000 brand advertising contents per day. In most cases, it is irrelevant hence the users’ commitment to brand content extremely low.

This situation leads many users to use an ad blocker. The latter hides the advertisement located on the pages that the user consults. Brands pay broadcasters to post content that users will not see. In addition, the user does not take advantage of good brands.

Advertz : ads that payout

Advertz is a revolutionary solution, users can install an advertising blocker that will only select the relevant content. They become members of a community, which is grouped around influencers and ambassadors. Members consult brand content and interact according to their preferences. Brands thus reach more audiences and members are paid for their interactions in the community. The principle is simple : when registering, a virtual wallet is automatically created. Whenever the user like, he wins one point, every comment, two points and if he shares he earns as many points as likes he has had. Points are converted into a virtual currency (AAT – Advertz Attention Token) credited to the wallet. These points can also be wagered on our lottery system to win exclusive discounts for products or services.

With Advertz, users are rewarded for their activity. The more active they are, the more they win.


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