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Social Shopping

Social shopping : beyond the Hype, a real revolution

Social shopping appeared with the development of Internet and especially with the arrival of e-commerce without which it could not exist. It is considered as the 2.0 version of the online commerce.

What is social shopping ?

Social shopping is a new dimension of online commerce. Its operation is simple : Internet users group themselves according to universes in which there are products and services, in order to discuss different themes such as price, feedback and trends. Consumers can more easily trade with brands before, during and after the purchase. The community that is created can interact, share and advise members. Social shopping can reproduce part of the buying behavior that the consumer would have had in a physical store in a virtual e-commerce site.

Why brands must use it ?

Brands selling online products or services find it more difficult to have a real customer feedback on their products. Online reviews are often biased and irrelevant, which leads to reduce customer confidence. The community spirit around strong brands is hard to create during an online sale. Social shopping creates a bond of proximity and trust between customers and brands and between customers themselves. This approach is fully applicable to the company’s pull strategy. In fact, social shopping makes it possible to interest users in products and services that meet their needs, as well as to be able to attract them to brands.

Why do consumers have to use it ?

Consumers can gather around ambassadors. They will be able to find objective opinions written by users they know virtually. In this way, consumers will be reassured, it will simplify their purchases. Social shopping platforms allow exchanges and interactions between users. They will know better the market of products and services corresponding to them. For their interactions and their user experience feedback, brands can offer rewards system and privilege offers reserved for the most active members.

What are the main social shopping platforms ?

  • Trip Advisor, La Fourchette and all other online reviews sites post-customer experience. These platforms allow users to give feedback on customer experiences he has experienced, without real proof that it is really a customer. Users share their opinions and if they are well followed, they can become ambassadors.
  • Groupon, Dealab and all sites offering coupons. These platforms provide access to good plans (usually discounts), they allow to buy online at a reduced price.
  • Advertz is a platform that brings together reviews, feedback from customers, tips from brands in the form of discounts or exclusive advantages and a unique reward system for its users. The more members share and interact on the platform, the more they are rewarded by the system. Thus, members are encouraged to share little-known content in order to create interactions and be rewarded.


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