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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that relies on thought leaders to promote a product. These leaders can be personalities or reference sites on a given theme. Influencer marketing identifies people or sites that influence potential buyers, and directs marketing activities around these influencers.

Today, consumers have changed their behavior towards the media. 65% of Millenials (16-30 years) are connected every day on social networks and follow less and less traditional channels such as radio or TV. Social networks therefore represent a real challenge for brands.

What is an influencer ?

Three main types of influencers stand out:

  • Mega-influencers or celebrities : very popular, they have a large community and allow greater visibility and notoriety.
  • The macro-influencers : their audience is much more engaged and close to their interests, they bring relevance and coherence.
  • Micro-influencers : they have few subscribers, but are appreciated for their authenticity and their proximity.

To measure influencer awareness, there are several criteria to consider : community size, strength of engagement rate and number of publications. The size of the community, not to be considered as the sole important criterion, represents the number of influencer subscribers on each social network. The more subscribers an influencer has, the more powerful a digital influence campaign will be.

For this to happen in practice, however, the commitment rate (the number of interactions by the number of subscribers) must be high in order to guarantee the reactivity of the subscriber audience. It is also necessary to select an active influencer on social networks, which posts regularly. Finally, it is important to take into account the impression rate of each influencer that corresponds to the share of the audience who actually sees his posts and is therefore reached.

The influence of social networks

Each social network has a different impact on consumers, so you have to carefully choose which platform to run your Influence Marketing campaign.

Facebook remains the global and most popular social network, on which users spend an average of seven hours per month. Twitter is the social network of news and short formats, 75% of users follow brands. Snapchat is the preferred social network of young people, so it is the best to touch the Millenials. 45% of users follow brands on Instagram, the social network of choice for neat visual content. As for YouTube, more and more users between the ages of 18 and 49 report watching more videos on this influencer platform than any TV channel.

Influencer Marketing is about using the fame, the scope and the authenticity of an influencer to bring visibility and credibility to your brand.

What about Advertz ?

Everyone can become an influencer

On the Advertz’s Social Shopping network, everyone can post their favorite links, or give advice on what content they find useful. 53% of users believe written comments from customers, sources of trust. Members can post a link to monetize their premium content, for which they can request a freely defined price.

A loyalty rewarded

At Advertz, our members are our main growth drivers. All their data is made anonymous and they are able to give advice and become their own media. A Rewards system is set up, they will be rewarded with 5% for their contribution. Thus, your content will have a better audience and therefore a better commitment. Our community is also made up of influencers who can become ambassadors of your brand.

Targeting and variety

The customer in touch with your content is encouraged to share the offer with their own community. By sharing offers by mail or through social networks, it is rewarded in the form of Rewards. In addition, a purchasing principle grouped according to the category of customers is set up. Thus, like-minded customers are encouraged to purchase same products and services for discounts or benefits.


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