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Loyalty system

With the rise of e-commerce, more and more companies are present in the highly competitive consumer goods sector. For traditional players already present on the market for several years, customer loyalty is the key to cope with this affront of competition. Then, they redouble ingenuity to retain ever more customers.


Internet users can be rewarded for their browsing on the internet and their activity. Indeed, the more traffic on a site, the more advertising space present will sell expensive and thus allow the publisher to achieve a significant turnover. It may seem normal for Internet users to receive a financial reward when they visit and get involved in a site. Yet, the giants Google and Facebook, which alone account for 94% of the total turnover of display marketing, do not redistribute some of the added value created solely by members. Advertz offers a revolutionary solution that allows its members to be rewarded for their interaction with the creation of a virtual wallet on which will be credited chips of its own cryptocurrency. After accumulating points, they can be exchanged for reductions at partner companies or converted into currency.

The rise of cash back or coupon

Every year, the turnover of the e-commerce sector increases by around 15%. In correlation with this new form of consumption, new methods of purchase are developing. Among them, the most popular is cash back. This method comes into effect when making an online purchase, the seller offers promotions on business partners, through membership. This method allows customers to discover new merchant websites that they do not necessarily know while enjoying discounts they receive once the purchase is done. Brands make their products be discovered by users who have purchased similar products or services, which naturally increases their turnover because the cost of customer acquisition decreases. Some applications even offer a plug-in following the user’s navigation and offer a discount coupon when he is on a partner site.

Group purchases

Many sites offer to lower the bill in stores through group purchases. This mode of consumption is one of the major trends of the year. The principle is simple, users group themselves according to the items or services they want to buy. Brands offer them a price in exchange for a massive purchase of this product or service. Users are more sensitive to offers because they are gathered around their correspondents universe. For brands, it’s a boon as it’s an opportunity to get rid of their remaining merchandise as quickly as possible. This service is also very developed in the sector of the hotel and the tourism, it makes it possible to sell the last places available in a plane or a hotel for example.

A loyalty rewarded

More and more customers are looking to be rewarded. For brands, this is an opportunity because a loyal customer is a customer with confidence and who will come back more often and spend more. To increase membership, brands compete with ingenuity such as customer rewards. They come in many forms, including discounts, vouchers, gifts, exclusive invitations to private sales reserved for premium members which offer big discounts on a selection of products. Retailers are also strengthening their services for members with, for example, free delivery, installation at lower cost, priority checkout….

Exceptional promotional operations

Companies need to adapt themselves to online shopping and its famous flash sales. There are of course sales for five weeks each winter and each summer. Brands must always offer more to attract customers. They have set up the “French Friday” inspired by the “Black Friday” American. The principle is simple: propose over a very short period massive reductions. Other initiatives are very popular. Many supermarkets have launched the operation “one cart out of ten fully refunded”. The customer is encouraged to buy more because he has a one in ten chance of being reimbursed. For brands, this operation is interesting because it allows to lower the cost of acquisition.


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