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Our reason for being

Having been myself an eBusiness entrepreneur, I've found that the marketing budget required to get to know our products was too huge according to our margins. That's when I've decided to create Advertz : a win-win between brands & publishers

Michel Saintal

Brands getting back control

On Advertz, brands can get back control of half their budget, being sure traffic is authentic and audience really engaged

Spot. Company CMO
Awesome Monetisation

We have no cost for entry, nor system locking tricks. You get 95% of the campaigns budgets, whatever the industry and seasonality. Sentence...

Natural Audience

With our reward policy to the visitors, giving them back 5%, we ensure their engagement and loyalty to get coming back to you and see brands messages

No more Lies

With our blockchain technology, we ensure traffic is authentic and you get rewarded as agreed. We also use it to keep high privacy standards. We ensure GDPR & ePrivacy compliance

At Advertz you can find both creative marketers getting the new trends and geeks passionate about technology. We all meet at some place for a coffee!

Fabry Stivenson

What I prefer about this company is that there is no hierarchy and anyone can give and implement new ideas

Jonha Jones

Joining Advertz is like entering a beehive: ideas sparkling from everywhere and always new experiments going on

Nick Sparano